• What Google’s Mobile Update Means For You

    mobile-web-seoSo it happened – Google put their new mobile update into play and the world of searches from a mobile changed forever. Did your business suffer from it or were you ahead of the game and had your website optimised?

    Either way, now that the update is working and we are all beginning to see the results, it’s time to take stock and, with the help of London SEO company Grapefruit Marketing (www.thegrapefruit.co.uk), see what the update really meant for businesses.

    What Update?

    Just in case you managed to miss the discussions on the new update and have a few questions about what this could mean for your rankings, here’s an overview – Google have altered how they rank websites when searched for via a smartphone based on how mobile friendly the site is. So while sites may have been top of the rankings before the update, if their site wasn’t optimized to be viewed and used on a mobile, they would vanish from those mobile search results.

    This is particularly relevant when people are searching for a local business. Your car breaks down and you search for the nearest Ford garage to your location. There might be one in the next street but if their website isn’t mobile optimised and the one five miles away is, the second one will appear top of the rankings.

    Why Mobile Is Relevant

    It isn’t just local searches when you need info in a hurry that the mobile market is important for. Look at the example of Starbucks – they jumped into the mobile internet market from an early stage and as of last month, a huge 16% of their transactions in North America come from mobile, according to www.venturebeat.com meaning that this business has added around $30 billion to their profits each year.

    In fact, the mobile market as a whole is now thought to account for in excess of $500 billion in sales, with some 20% of all in store transactions being influence by something on the mobile, according to www.enterpreneur.com. And industry experts think this will continue to increase – Starbucks again are expecting the proportion of sales through a mobile to increase to over 50% within the next twelve months.

    And while most of us aren’t Starbucks, there are lessons to be learned for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The mobile friendly update doesn’t have to be a millstone around our necks, leading us to worry constantly about if our website meets the standard. The solution is simple – get an expert to turn their eye to the site and give it a health check. Once it is healthy for the mobile world, then the same principles apply to a normal site.

    Getting Started

    If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then the quicker than you properly remedy the problem, the better. Look at your competitors to see what they do with the mobile version of their website and use this as inspiration. Another element is to aim ads specifically at mobile customers – if it works for Amazon, then it can work for everyone on a different scale. But if you don’t look at the mobile version of your site, you could quickly be relegated to the lower pages of a search or worse, not even appear at all.

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